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Day 3

Blue Group - Sean, Elle. Grace B, Amos, Kaiden, Calum, Maeva, Brandon, Keaton and Cody.


Our last day, today we started with indoor orienteering. Blue group were very good at following a map to find hidden letters within the center. We then moved onto outdoor orienteering unfortunately the rain made an appearance yet again, however this did not stop Blue group in finding all the hidden stamps and completing the exercise.


We enjoyed lunch onsite today, we then got ready for our next activity which was canoeing we travelled around 20 minutes until we arrived at the lake. Keaton was on my team and within my canoe and was a very good leader. We started with a canoe race Keaton, Grace, Calum, Amos, Brandon and me against Mel, Sean, Kaiden, Maeva, Cody and Elle it was a very close race my team were in the lead for good duration however at the last moment Mel's team just won! Well done guys!


We completed the day with a splash around in the lake with the chance to jump in, Kaiden, Keaton and Amos were all brave enough to jump in, by the reactions I think it was cold!


Once we were back at the center and nice and dry, we ended the day with a scrumptious Christmas dinner, followed by a disco! We all enjoyed a fun disco where all the children busted some very cool moves! 


Such a great last day with blue group, well done to all 10 children within my group. I have had a fantastic week with you guys! Each and everyone of them has been amazing throughout so well done! 




Day 2

Blue Group - Sean, Elle. Grace B, Amos, Kaiden, Calum, Maeva, Brandon, Keaton and Cody. 


Today the rain came... and it did not stop! 

However, thankfully this was not a problem for the blue group as today we went Mining. We travelled for 45 minutes on the mini bus until we finally arrived at the mine. The children got excited as they thought it was that simple... unfortunately not we had to climb up a steep mountain - a good 30 minute climb until we reached the actual mine. 


FINALLY we were able to see the mine! We entered the mine through what was the smallest entrance, for the children it was simple for me not so much! The children had hard helmets with torches attached and we began our walk through the mine! Cody was especially brave - he overcame his fears and impressed both me and Mel throughout, well done Cody. 


We walked for a while until we reached a vast pool, Mel left us and returned with a boat. Brandon instantly announced he would not be going on the boat and this wasn't ok! However once we explained the only way across was the boat he soon jumped on, well done Brandon! 


We then reached a passing which meant we had to use our carabinas. This was worry for the children- however they were all amazing and were successfully able to unclip and re-clip all the way across! 


We then sat and enjoyed our lunch on the mine floor. Calum had thankfully carried our hot chocolate the entire journey so he was happy when this got shared out, Thank you Calum for being so helpful.


We climbed the rest of the mine and then started our walk down, another 30 minutes in the rain, but no moaning about the weather which is always good!


I am so impressed with all of Blue team! They are all doing so well! 

Tomorrow is our last full day, fingers crossed the weather improves!


Day 2

Blue Group - Sean, Elle. Grace B, Amos, Kaiden, Calum, Maeva, Brandon, Keaton and Cody. 


WOW! What a day! 

Today, we went to Port Maddoch and visited one of the beautiful beaches in Borth. We traversed across rock faces, climbed slippery slopes and even searched in some tight caves in the rocks. We have had fun working as a team and building our leadership and communication skills. Sean was amazing throughout the beach visit and overcame his fears throughout, Maeva again persevered at climbing a steep rock, I'm sure she ran up it at least 20 times! Very tiring just to watch.. so well done Maeva. 


This afternoon, we travelled to the hills just above the River Glaslyn. We worked hard gorge walking and climbed to a great height up waterfalls and streams. We even had a splash around at the top and jumped into a 'clean' water pool. Elle, Amos and Grace all volunteered to participate in a trust exercise in which Mel pushed them into the pool of water! Needless to say they were VERY wet after this, but extremely grown up! After this we enjoyed sliding back down and coming back to the center for some nice hot showers and to dry our kit!


A fab day out with blue group, cannot wait to see what tomorrow may bring :) 

Day 4

Another amazing day with the Red Team!


Today, we went to Port Maddoch and visited one of the beautiful beaches in Borth. It was raining again, but that didn't stop us having the best time! We climbed rock faces and slippery slopes, and even went on the hunt for One-Eyed Jack's secret cove. It was a tight squeeze, but the children worked well together to get through; building on their communication and team work skills. Rhys and Joshua worked really hard during a tough game where they had to order themselves in alphabetical order in a small gap in the cliff face. It was a tight spot, but they showed excellent resilience to keep the team motivated.


After our seaside adventure, we drove to a nearby river to do some gorge walking. They banded together to traverse waterfalls and streams with ease. We rounded off our trip by having a splash around in the lake, which made us all very wet! Eesha, Nessy and Taelah got particularly wet as they splashed each other on the way out too! 


We rounded off the evening by shaking a tail-feather at the disco! What a lovely way to finish the day! Great job Red Team!!

Day 3

Another excellent (but rainy) day with the red team!


After a delicious breakfast, we put on our water proof clothes for an excursion out to a nearby lake to canoe. Our instructor Kev tied the canoes together and the children split into two teams to learn the ropes. We then paddled around the edge of the lake before playing some games. The children showed excellent leadership skills and had a fab time. We were so wet when we got to the shore, we all jumped in the lake for a dip!!


Once we had dried off, we had our lunch then practiced our orienteering skills around the center. They learned to read maps, co-ordinate co-operatively and search carefully for clues! Jake and Shanice were very competitive, using their new skills to find the clues.


The children have had a wonderful day, let's see what tomorrow brings!

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