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Day 4

Another wet and wild day here at Plas but yet again, not one single complaint!


Started the day with some interesting news... Lacey Mae had lost her voice! Would we get a quiet day? Well... er... NO!


First activity- canoeing. The children showed excellent leadership skills when faced with tricky obstacles. Leadership and communication skills have been our two targets this week and all children have rose to the challenge. Special mention to Natalia who didn't stop paddling for the entire stretch! She was exhausted afterwards.


In the afternoon, we had a change of plans and headed to climb up a fast flowing stream. This again proved an incredible challenge to the children, mainly due to the driving rain and darkening conditions. However, yet again, as only GM children can, they rose to the challenge. Exceptional leadership by Alfie and Taylor at the front, ensuring all the group stayed together. Many children were scared of doing this activity at the start; however, at the end many commented that it was their favourite activity of the week!


Final activity with the green team complete- can honestly say it has been a pleasure working with these children this week: Lacey Mae, Scarlett, Ayaana, Amira, Angel, Natalia, Mama, Alfie. Taylor and Oliwier! Well done guys!


Back to the center for tea- and a real treat... Christmas Dinner, including crackers, bad jokes and awful toys! The party atmosphere continued tonight at the end of week Disco. 


Children all packed up now, ready to come home. 


Been a wonderful week!


Day 3- a little bit extra!

Never let Mama go near a jellyfish. Or any other animal. Except for a rabbit.


You learn new things about the children everyday!

Day 3

A wet day today- not one single complaint from the children though. We can often underestimate our children but more often than not, they set an amazing example for us adults!


We started by taking a trip to Borth Y Guest beach. We participated in a range of climbing, scrambling and hiking activities. At the end, the children decided to pencil roll down the wet sand. Interesting but not something I would choose to do! 


Following this, we ventured towards a waterfall in an attempt to gorge walk. Unfortunately, Jeff, our leader for the day decided that it would be too dangerous to walk up due to the sheer volume of rain that caused the waterfall to flow at a dangerous speed. An absolutely correct decision- safety always comes first! We did walk across the gorge- this proved incredibly challenging but a super effort by all of the children. Special mention to Oliwier and Scarlett who worked very well as a team. 


Tea tonight- pizza/chips- always a favourite. Photo orienteering again- this time inside due to the weather. Well done to Noah and Sean who won.


I'm off to go and try and settle the children down. Lots of tired eyes. Will be posting some pictures tomorrow.




Day 2

A fantastic first full day in camp! Breakfast, followed by first main activities. Green team were mountain walking. Set off at 9.30am and arrived back at 4.30pm. Long walk! Very impressed with all of the children, especially Mama who lead from the front the whole way and Alfie for finding all sorts of weird and wonderful pathways through tricky terrains! Also a special mention to Amira for helping me up every time I slipped over!


After tea, where we sung happy birthday to Jack, the children did photo orienteering. The darkness provided a challenging obstacle which, of course, the Grace Mary children overcame in fine style! The winners were Grace, Imaan and Masie- 20 photos found in 1 hour! Great work!


I'm off to go and (try) and get the kids into bed. Looking forward to tomorrow!


Mr Cains

Day 1

Hi everyone! We all arrived safely yesterday after a 3 hour journey with everyone in high spirits! After a quick tour of the center, it was the moment the children had been waiting for! They were finally told what rooms they were in! Lots of smile and squeals told me that everyone was satisfied! 


Tea was followed by a night walk in the dark. And when I say dark, I mean dark. Good job children had their torches! The best moment was when everyone switched off their torches. Absolute silence! You wouldn't get that in Sandwell. Some even said they saw a shooting star!


Bed time a bit of a challenge- some boys thought it would be funny to keep me and Mr Hamblett up by playing knock door run! They regretted it this morning when we rung the buzzer at 7am! Lots of smiley but tired faces this morning ready for the day ahead!

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