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Day 4

Yellow group- Lillah, Grace. C, Imaan, Lauren, Maisie, Sawyer, Noah, Taranver, Jack, Kyle


Today was an amazing finish to our trip to Plas. We had an incredible time walking the length of the Glaslyn gorge alongside the river. We explored a tunnel in the mountains and some of us were daring enough to turn off our torches! 


We trekked for miles across rough terrain in the pouring rain to get to the top of a huge Welsh hill. We found a shelter at the top and whilst in the mountains we scrambled up small gorges, over fallen trees, across countless rocks and supported eachother up steep slopes. We breaker for a late lunch in a log cabin in the mountains and then carried on our trek back down. 


After we’d regained our energy, we tried a team challenge called the slab that we failed on Monday. Because of our newly found leadership skills and excellent communication we worked as a team, supported one another and got eachother up the slippery concrete slope. 


Following this, we crossed small streams and then used a rope and wire bridge to cross another raging river and finished our exhausting day back at the centre with some nice hot chocolate!


To top it all off, we used our remaining energy to throw some shapes in an exciting disco and danced until we were tired enough to hopefully sleep the full night!

Day 3

Yellow group- Lillah, Grace. C, Imaan, Lauren, Maisie, Sawyer, Noah, Taranver, Jack, Kyle


Today, we have tired ourselves out once again. We started off the morning to a very cloud and rainy day so decided to do some orienteering around the grounds. We were given maps of the area and played lots of different orienteering games, this involved climbing walls and fences, searching through trees and cabins and even working together to safely approach a river.


After a thorough soaking, we stopped and ate lunch together inside the centre and tried our kit off for what we thought would be the rest of the day. When we had finished our instructor (James) took us out to a nearby lake and we went canoeing! We were split into two teams and had to race each other, throw things to one another and played a range of ball games. We all dipped our faces into the cold water and some of us played a game where we had to swap seats without falling into the water.


We've had another great time and enjoyed a hot meal and some warm clothes when we got back. Now we're off to do some indoor orienteering around the centre, let's see if our map work skills have paid off! 

Day 2

Yellow group- Lillah, Grace. C, Imaan, Lauren, Maisie, Sawyer, Noah, Taranver, Jack, Kyle.


Today, we had a really exciting day. First we travelled to Borth and hit the beach! We climbed some sheer rock faces, traversed across slippery walls and explored the beach. We were even daring enough to make a 'leap of faith' across a crevice in the rock. We all managed the leap although Lauren's was very close the edge! And Taranver was assisted by an unusual method with our instructor James giving him a fireman's lift over the gap.


Following this, we worked as a team to spot each other whilst traversing across rocks and then one at a time sprinted up a huge, slippery slate. It was very hard but Kyle, Lillah and Sawyer showed particular skill in supporting others up the rock once they had made it themselves.


Later on we returned to the hills just above the River Glaslyn. We each took it in turns to lead the rest of the group up at large stream that flowed down from the mountains. This is known as gorge walking. Jack was very sure footed as we climbed up and Maisie was the first to get soaked as she went for a swim in a pool that was deeper than she thought! Grace led part of the way and although she slipped a bit, she persevered really well and climbed to a great height. We all jumped into a small pool at the end to get a thorough soaking and Imaan got particularly wet sliding down a small water fall. We finished the trip by jumping into the lake, which Noah enjoyed as he repeated it so much!


We're looking forward to tomorrow's adventure. 

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