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Day 2

Blue Group - Sean, Elle. Grace B, Amos, Kaiden, Calum, Maeva, Brandon, Keaton and Cody. 


WOW! What a day! 

Today, we went to Port Maddoch and visited one of the beautiful beaches in Borth. We traversed across rock faces, climbed slippery slopes and even searched in some tight caves in the rocks. We have had fun working as a team and building our leadership and communication skills. Sean was amazing throughout the beach visit and overcame his fears throughout, Maeva again persevered at climbing a steep rock, I'm sure she ran up it at least 20 times! Very tiring just to watch.. so well done Maeva. 


This afternoon, we travelled to the hills just above the River Glaslyn. We worked hard gorge walking and climbed to a great height up waterfalls and streams. We even had a splash around at the top and jumped into a 'clean' water pool. Elle, Amos and Grace all volunteered to participate in a trust exercise in which Mel pushed them into the pool of water! Needless to say they were VERY wet after this, but extremely grown up! After this we enjoyed sliding back down and coming back to the center for some nice hot showers and to dry our kit!


A fab day out with blue group, cannot wait to see what tomorrow may bring :) 

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