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Day 3

Blue Group - Sean, Elle. Grace B, Amos, Kaiden, Calum, Maeva, Brandon, Keaton and Cody.


Our last day, today we started with indoor orienteering. Blue group were very good at following a map to find hidden letters within the center. We then moved onto outdoor orienteering unfortunately the rain made an appearance yet again, however this did not stop Blue group in finding all the hidden stamps and completing the exercise.


We enjoyed lunch onsite today, we then got ready for our next activity which was canoeing we travelled around 20 minutes until we arrived at the lake. Keaton was on my team and within my canoe and was a very good leader. We started with a canoe race Keaton, Grace, Calum, Amos, Brandon and me against Mel, Sean, Kaiden, Maeva, Cody and Elle it was a very close race my team were in the lead for good duration however at the last moment Mel's team just won! Well done guys!


We completed the day with a splash around in the lake with the chance to jump in, Kaiden, Keaton and Amos were all brave enough to jump in, by the reactions I think it was cold!


Once we were back at the center and nice and dry, we ended the day with a scrumptious Christmas dinner, followed by a disco! We all enjoyed a fun disco where all the children busted some very cool moves! 


Such a great last day with blue group, well done to all 10 children within my group. I have had a fantastic week with you guys! Each and everyone of them has been amazing throughout so well done! 




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